Primal River Valley Compilation from Latex Records released September 2005
Featuring Elektronika. 
This is a double CD also features Anguisette.  (Dawn appears on their single "Indefinite") also URN,  Cruxshadows and many more GREAT bands.  This 2 CD set will also sell for $15 and is available
on our websitel.


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CD REVIEW: Elektronika - "Night & Day - 2 Disc Set"

By Kimmie (08/04)

Initial Impression - Cool t-shirt (we love free band swag)!
Notable Lyric - "On my own, By your side, By myself, Inside my heart." - "Meant To Be"
Factoid - This band started out doing covers of Depche Mode, Blondie, Madonna, New Order, The Cure, Sneaker Pimps, Eiffel 65, and Dead or Alive. All of which really fit!!!
Serve With - See above list.
Comments - I really like the versatility of this band. First you have male and female lead vocals (not always on the same songs). There are a couple darker tracks which lend an industrial/goth feel, some pure electronic dance tracks, some pop-ish '80s new wave tracks and an overall move-your-ass groove. The vocals are well done (aside from a moment of over-the-top goth on "Bleed", which just isn't my deal). I can certainly hear influences of the various bands listed above, especially Depeche Mode and Madonna in the vocals (though don't think you're going to hear anything like "Holiday" or "Like a Virgin" from this band - pick something off Erotica or Ray of Light ). The two-CD set has definitly found its way into my play list. I think I'll scare some of the redneck locals with this one cranking out my sunroof.