Primal River Valley Compilation from Latex Records released September 2005
Featuring Elektronika. 
This is a double CD also features Anguisette.  (Dawn appears on their single "Indefinite") also URN,  Cruxshadows and many more GREAT bands.  This 2 CD set will also sell for $15 and is available
on our websitel.


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CD REVIEW: Elektronika - "Night & Day - 2 Disc Set"
By Jon from Aiding and Abetting – 05/05/04 – 08:36 am EST
Best Songs: Foolish Love, Elektrik, Gloss
CD Review:
Foolish Love
And we're back. Same sort of experimental, hypnotic opening. Just waiting for the guitars to come and wreck everything. But they don't! Rather, the Orbit-esque keyboards carry the day, and that nice drum 'n' bass drives the song. By far the best song I've heard so far. This one stands out very well on it's own. It is still somewhat derivative--there is a certain “Ray of Light” quality to it that just won't go away--but nonetheless it comes the closest of any I've heard to establishing its own style.
Okay, here's the first clubby pop song that doesn't sound much like Madonna. Dawn's alto vocals will always be somewhat reminiscent that way, of course, but the music is from a whole different arena. Those subtle keyboard washes in the background work very well. This song has a solid flow from beginning to end. It's a bit silly, of course, but no worries there.
Another Madonna-as-electronic-disco-queen song. Funny thing is, I think these might be your best songs. They are definitely derivative, but they so succeed on many more levels than most songs. There is a nice mix--the vocals dance in and out, and the beats and other elements move up and back.
I have a sneaking suspicion that I've heard this song before, but other than that I like it a lot!