Primal River Valley Compilation from Latex Records released September 2005
Featuring Elektronika. 
This is a double CD also features Anguisette.  (Dawn appears on their single "Indefinite") also URN,  Cruxshadows and many more GREAT bands.  This 2 CD set will also sell for $15 and is available
on our websitel.


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CD REVIEW: Elektronika - "Night & Day - 2 Disc Set"
By Ian Fford - 07/02/04 10:30 AM EST

I've been listening to Elektronika's Night & Day album, a two cd set, for over a month.  Its been difficult to write a review befitting this work because they are notably very diverse in their expressions, both musically and lyrically, and the production on this album is nothing short of excellent.

Disc One is geared quite a bit more towards an ambient and introspective feel, with only a couple of up-tempo selections, and Disc Two holds most of the dance hits.   There is diversity within continuity as the arrangement of each disc flows extremely well.  Just when you think its time for a change of energy or style, one comes
along, surprising and engaging the listener. I believe this album will thrive in the world of Dark wave, I also believe that it can catch the ear of worldwide peripheral listeners, despite the humble doubts of Dawn Wood (vocals, lyrics, samples).  Elektronika has apparently taken elements from many styles of music, translated
them to the underground scene, added their own distinctiveness and
created something both unique and broadly appealing.

My favorite tracks are:  Liquid Lies, Gloss, Higher, Bleed, Vampire, Meant to Be, Angel and Falling Over You, but not necessarily in that order.  There's much more to love about this album, both for the home listener and the clubbing types.  You can preview & purchase their work at:

Ian Fford
Albion/Batcave Nightclub, New York City