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Elektronika began with an idea to remix new wave songs from the 80's from our influences such as; Depeche mode, New Order, Lords of Acid, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, and The Smiths. Our goal was to meld these influences with contemporary dance favorites by such artists as Amber, The Sneaker Pimps, Ace of Base and Delirium. We spent months making a setlist with evocative medleys of complimentary songs. So much so that slowly it became apparent to us that we enjoyed dissecting and reorganizing the songs to make them flow for our ideas that we decided to try writing a bit. After remixing and replacing parts, loops, and bass lines on so many songs quite a few ideas came to mind and we started writing to see if it would catch hold. As the bits and pieces started to flow effortlessly we decided that we would dedicate our energy to making music of our own and at that point we went for it. Those bits and pieces would later make up our first CD, and created the seeds of many ideas for our second Double length CD titled Night & Day.
Elektronika is a currently a dark wave, synth-pop project working with various artists for a creative and inspiringly fresh sound. Our roots are still heavily inspired by our new wave/dark wave and synth-pop influences but we have also been experimenting with trip hop, ambient and industrial genres. Our new lineup will feature several other Northwest artists including Albert OH from “Avila”, Jyri Gibbs & Fish Jones from "The Sins" and "Anguisette", Anthony Monaco of "Loophole", Rick Molloy (formerly in Doll Factory), and Westin Halvorson from “Anguisette” and “My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult”. Dan will continue to write and produce behind the scenes.
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Primal River Valley Compilation from Latex Records released September 2005
Featuring Elektronika. 
This is a double CD also features Anguisette.  (Dawn appears on their single "Indefinite") also URN,  Cruxshadows and many more GREAT bands.  This 2 CD set will also sell for $15 and is available
on our websitel.